O.F.S.T.E.D Excerpt:

The staff team have an excellent understanding of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and have great knowledge of how children learn. As a result they provide a highly stimulating and exciting environment which they are aware helps children to make excellent progress. Staff have developed effective planning methods which take full account of each child's learning needs and interests exceptionally well.

Observation and assessment methods are rigorous and clearly identify children's achievements and their next steps of learning. Staff have a very clear understanding of where each child is in their learning and share this information frequently with their parents. Staff also provide information and ideas to help parents to further promote their children's learning at home. Staff set up the play rooms in the morning and ensure there is a broad range of interesting activities which promote all areas of learning. Children arrive and after saying goodbye to their parent or carer explore the environment and settle down with their choice of play. They can also choose other activities, as many resources are easily accessible and this supports children's emerging independence.

Inspirational and innovative teaching motivates children. This is particularly evident in staff's passion to use the outdoor natural environment in their learning. Children thoroughly enjoy being outside and take part in small group activities through-out the morning. One group of children excitedly take part in pond dipping. Children use their nets to search for pond life and when they have found something of interest they look closely at the features counting and describing the insects or plant life. Another group of children go on a bug hunt around the mature garden and find insects under some wooden logs.

Staff support children's communication and language exceptionally well, asking open- ended questions to make the children think and extend their vocabulary. Children's enthusiasm to learn is enhanced by the staff who have an excellent understanding of how to engage and motivate the children's imaginations. Older children take part in a free painting activity and are supported to develop their creativity as staff talk and show the children the autumn leaves and display these for the children to develop their interpretations as they paint. The younger children also enjoy a planned painting activity appropriate for their age and this supports them in their exploration of the paint as they feel it squish through their fingers and also helps in their early recognition of colour.

Children who speak English as an additional language are supported well as staff obtain key words to help children settle. They are gaining a good grasp of English and use it confidently alongside their home languages in their play. There are effective systems to support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The special educational needs coordinator organises additional support for children and makes good use of small group sessions to encourage particular skills for individual children. As a result all children make great strides in their learning and development from their different starting points.

The nursery school has developed positive links with a number of schools to ensure the children's move to school goes smoothly. Staff effectively promote the children's readiness for school, developing their self-care and listening skills highly successfully. As a result, children are gaining all the skills and attitudes they need to be ready for school or their next stage of learning.

Children have formed some good friendships and play well together. Children show kindness and understand about taking turns. Staff manage children's behaviour well; they use positive strategies to deal with any minor issues and encourage children to sort out disagreements by talking to each other about their feelings. Children's specific health, dietary needs and allergies are recorded and understood by staff. Children learn about healthy lifestyles and follow good hygiene practices as they take responsibility for washing their hands appropriately throughout the day. Children's independence with their self-help skills is flourishing as they choose when they would like their snack and actively take part in preparing their snacks and pouring their drinks. In addition to the play in the mature garden area children also have daily opportunities for physical play.

Staff make good use of equipment, setting up an obstacle course for children to develop their climbing, jumping, balancing and crawling skills. Extra curricular activities during the week also include swimming, dance and football, all of which enhances children's understanding of healthy lifestyles.

Children's safety and well-being is given high priority as they play in a safe and secure environment. Staff are vigilant and supervise the children very well. Gentle reminders from staff help children to understand about keeping themselves safe as they play and use a variety of equipment. This is particularly reinforced by the staff before the children visit the pond where children are reminded about the importance of not running in this area. The nursery has effective security systems in place and any visitors need to ring the doorbell and show their identification before entering the nursery. The nursery entrance is securely staffed during drop off and picking up times to ensure no child leaves unnoticed.

The registered provider and manager have high expectations for maintaining quality and this supports all aspects of care and education in the setting. Self-evaluation is used highly effectively to review practice and target areas for improvements. The staff team are well supported by good systems for supervision and appraisals. Furthermore the staff team meet every morning so they know everyone's plans and regular inset training days support The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision staff development. Partnerships with parents are embedded in to the nursery ethos.

The setting places value in ensuring that parents develop a sense of belonging to the setting and can contribute to the well-being of their children. Parents are provided with a good range of information to ensure they are well informed about how the provision operates and they are kept informed about their child's progress, achievements and daily experiences. Parents are welcomed into the nursery when they drop off their children in the morning and when they collect them later on. Comments from parents indicate they are very happy with the service provided.