With 40 years of experience

I have always been passionate about 'Early Years' education.

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From the Latin to lead

Teaching is how one adult instructs a child, education is a two way process

We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing

Play is a child’s work and develops the right brain (ART, CREATIVE) this is vital for left brain (Cognitive) development

Sit on your hands and voice

When a child is at play it is all too easy for an adult to step in and disturb the play or truncate the play

We can learn so much from our outside environment

Nature provides many of the things a child needs to learn. We provide a rich outside garden

Boys and girls learn differently

While offering equal opportunities to learn, we celebrate the learning differences and provide many physical opportunities

There is more to literacy than ABC more to Math than 123

We ask our educators to introduce drama, song, rhyme and rhythm, percussion movement and story all this will encourage a child to love literature

There is a different key for every child turn that key and unlock the individual

All children are unique and have their own interests

For the Children with special needs in education we adapt

We adapt and work closely with parents. We use many Montessori methods. We introduce fun extra speech and language groups, music groups and we have a play therapy specialist